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Obtén un descuento de 22% en tu pedido

Aplica la recompensa al realizar tu primer pedido.

Obtén un descuento de 22% por cada amigo que recomiendes

Obtén beneficios especiales para ti y tus amigos

1. Ofrece a tus amigos un descuento de 22%.
2. Obtén un descuento de 22% por cada amigo que haga un pedido.

Se aplica al ítem de menor precio del carrito.

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How It Works!

1. Refer a Friend: Share your unique referral link with your friends, family, and colleagues.
2. They Sign Up: When your referred friend signs up at using your link, they’ll receive an exclusive 22% discount on their first purchase.
3. You Both Get Rewarded: As a thank-you for spreading the word about us, you’ll also receive a fantastic 22% discount on your next order.
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